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My Story/Mon Histoire

My love affair with France began at an early age when I became good friends with a family of French expats who spent several years at my elementary school.  After they moved back to Paris, they invited me to spend the summer at their family home where I was exposed to French culture, language, food and family life. It was a life-changing experience that ignited my love of foreign language study and travel, and turned me into a lifelong francophile.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, like many of us I found myself dreaming about future travels, and missing some of the fresh local treats I enjoyed in France that are harder to find here-not fancy pastries, but regional sweet and savory small bites to enjoy with coffee, tea, or a glass of wine. I started making these items for family and friends and can't wait to share them locally! 

In the future I hope to offer imported foods and gifts, French cooking classes and more-stay tuned!

Covid Safety & Food Allergies

Gloves and masks are worn during food preparation. My kitchen is fully licensed by the town of Wellesley and I am trained in food preparation and have allergy certification.

While I use best practice in food handling, our kitchen is not an allergy safe kitchen and therefore there is the risk of cross-contamination. For that reason I cannot guarantee that food items are free from major allergens. Please contact me with any questions regarding food ingredients and preparation.

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