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French Drinking Chocolate

SKU: 0003
  • Isn't drinking chocolate the same as hot chocolate? Mais non! French drinking chocolate is much more thick and rich than American hot chocolate. This specialty mix includes shaved imported chocolate, organic brown sugar and French sea salt. One jar makes 4 half cup servings

    To make, heat 2 cups of your favorite milk (I use whole milk for this!) in a saucpan until nearly boiling. Take the pan off the heat and whisk in the jar of hot chocolate mix. Return to medium heat for 1-2 minutes, whisking occasionally until the hot chocolate has thickened. 

    Microwave instructions: mix 1/2 cup milk with 3-4 tablespoons of mix. Heat 1 minutes, stir, and then heat another minute until the chocolate is melted and thickened

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